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One of the most overlooked aspects of a doctor’s practice is their website.  For numerous reasons doctors’ offices neglect this critical tool.  

What most medical practices in the Raleigh area fail to realize is that for the vast majority of their patients the website is the first exposure they’ve had to their practice. We are all aware that we only get one chance make a good first impression however we may fail to realize how vital that first impression can be.  The average person who visits a website for a doctor’s office in Raleigh will make a decision whether or not to contact that practice.  If the website is poor, doesn’t have enough content, and is too confusing, the potential patient will move on to another doctor’s office.

A good website for a doctor’s practice in Raleigh will have three key elements.  It will have clean clear graphics that are inviting and warm.  It should have content that speaks about the practice and the services you offer clearly.  It should also have a simple easy way for the patient to make contact with the doctor’s office.  While these three elements seem like common sense, most of the websites online are missing one of these three.  While this of course is oversimplifying all of the elements an effective website should have, it does address the main three.  Let’s say your practice is an OB/GYN’s clinic.  The graphics on the site like this would be images of families, babies, and women.  The site should be warm and inviting as well.  The vast majority of your visitors to that website will be women.  Knowing that women, for the most part have a different taste and likes than most men.  Being able to target your audience, and understanding who is visiting your website is critical.  For your content, you want to talk about procedures, obstetrics, gynecology, insurance, and history of the doctors and staff.  Also, for a Raleigh doctor’s website such as an OB/GYN, you’ll want to have a comprehensive new patient contact form.  On this form, you may ask things such as requested appointment date, type of appointment, name, address, etc.  An extra element on a site like this might also be a photo gallery, where you can display cute images of babies delivered at this OB/GYN’s practice.  Understanding why a website is vital for a doctor’s office in Raleigh is key to new patient retention.

At, we understand the web design needs of medical doctors in Raleigh.  We realize how hard you work to develop your practice to be the very best in its field. We also believe that all of this hard work should be reflected on your website.  It should showcase why you are the best practice and why a patient should choose your practice over another.  With over 21 years of experience in web design and digital marketing Dan Stalfire with 4RaleighSEO is your best choice.  For more information visit us online at or call us at 919-289-4790.