Clayton SEO, Profit Focused Marketing for Your Business:

Clayton SEO, Profit Focused Marketing for Your Business:

Clayton SEO is the first stepping stone for every business in the Clayton area.  

Doing SEO for your Clayton business allows you the ability to target the keywords that have the most impact your company.  It allows you to focus on highly profitable keywords that can reach the customers that you wish to target.


What is profit focused SEO for your Clayton business?


Profit focus SEO is simply the process of going after keywords that deliver the highest performing customers that you wish to target.  Being a business owner, you probably have a pretty good idea of which areas of your business are the most profitable to your company.  For instance, if you sell swimming pools, a keyword like swimming pool installation may be more profitable than swimming pool chemicals.  If this is true, you would want to target swimming pool installation, new swimming pools, new inground swimming pools, how to purchase a new swimming pool, etc. with your Clayton SEO program.  These keywords will have much more impact on your Clayton business then keywords such as swimming pool chemicals, swimming pool testing, swimming pool water testing, etc.  This is what we call profit focused SEO. Your Clayton SEO program for your business should be modeled the exact same way. Before starting an SEO campaign analyze your company and look at which areas have the highest profitability, then look at which keywords you can target quickly.  To do this we do a process called keyword effective index work “KEI” for short.  This simply means that we look at the keyword, we look at the traffic, and we look at the competition.  From these three items we get a ratio that will determine how long and what the probability of getting that keyword ranked is.  Let’s say swimming pool installation has 500 searches per month, but it has 5000 pages related to it in Clayton.  Since are only 10 spots that we care about on Google, which is the first page, our chances of getting on that first page quickly would be rather low.  But if we took a similar keyword such as new swimming pool in Clayton and look at the numbers, you would see that it has 300 searches per month and only 1500 pages that are related to.  Our Clayton SEO suggestion would be to target new swimming Clayton first, get on the search engines and start making a profit while targeting the harder to reach keywords.  This is an example of profit focused SEO for your Clayton business.  This is really a simple technique of going after more profitable keywords and focusing on the performance of the campaign and how it affects your bottom line.


This article “Clayton SEO, profit focused marketing for your business” was written by Dan Stalfire with 4 Raleigh SEO.  Dan has been specializing on profit focused SEO in Clayton and other cities across North Carolina for over 21 years.  By focusing on SEO keywords that drives revenue to his customers, Dan has kept some of the same customers for over 20 years.  To learn more about Dan and how he can help your Clayton business contact him at 919-289-4790 or visit us online at