Raleigh SEO for your Heating and Air Conditioning Company.

Raleigh SEO for your Heating and Air Conditioning Company.

Doing SEO for a heating and air conditioning company in Raleigh is critical for the success of your online business.  

Heating and air companies, also called HVAC companies, depend on new customers to stay in business.  Most HVAC companies in Raleigh build up a strong referral network, but this is only possible after it has obtained new clients and built a good relationship with them.


What is SEO for a Raleigh heating and air conditioning company?


SEO in its simplest form, is changing the way the search engines read your website.  Instead of relying on the search engines to come into your website and figure out what it is about, with SEO we tell the search engines what were about.  For instance, a HVAC site that does not have SEO on it is relying on Google to come in and figure it out by reading the content of the site.  The problem with this method is there is so much content on your website and it is looking for what has the highest density.  From this it makes its decision.  When you look at most websites that do not have SEO the items with the most density are useless words such as and, it, the, we, etc.  Obviously, this is not we your business is about and we do not want the search engines to interpret you as such.  Doing SEO on the website tells the search engines that we are a Raleigh heating and air conditioning company.  We could tell them that we specialize in new installations, maintenance, and service.  SEO gives us the ability to differentiate and clearly articulate what your Raleigh heating and air conditioning company is about.


Although SEO can be viewed by some as expensive let’s look at the real numbers.  Let’s assume that we spend $1000 per month on SEO for your Raleigh HVAC company.  Let’s assume now that by spending the thousand dollars, we get two hundred visitors to your website per month.  If only 20% of those visitors become customers that’s 40 new customers per month off of a $1000 SEO program.  If each customer spends as little as $300 with your business, that would be $12,000 in profit per month, whit a cost of $1,000 per month.  This is also only assuming that only 20% of that traffic is going to purchase from you.  It also doesn’t look at the fact that out of those 20 customers, how many of them will become referrals and longtime customers.  If 20% of those customers buy from you at a future date and spend $300 with you, over the year that would be an additional 48 purchases, worth $14,500.


As you can see doing SEO for your Raleigh heating and air conditioning company just makes sense.  In a highly competitive market such as Raleigh you have to find a way to make yourself stand out above the crowd.  SEO is what does this for your business.  It also levels the playing field, and allow smaller HVAC companies in Raleigh compete with much larger ones that are running a large fleet of trucks.


This article was written by Dan Stalfire with for 4 Raleigh SEO.  Dan has over 21 years of lead generation, new business retention, and doing SEO with a profit focus in mind.  To learn more about Dan and 4 Raleigh SEO, and how they can help your business call them at 919-289-4790 or visit us online at www.4raleighseo.com