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Having an effective SEO campaign in the Raleigh Real Estate market is more important now than it has ever been.

Raleigh has now grown to over 5700 real estate agents located inside the Raleigh market.  To succeed in this market, you need to ask yourself what makes you stand out from everybody else?  What makes Betty homebuyer find you before your competition?  We also need to explore what we can do to ensure that you are one of the first real estate agents in Raleigh that Betty homebuyer sees?  We can answer these questions and find the solution by doing an effective SEO campaign on your real estate website.

Doing an effective SEO campaign for Raleigh real estate website is vital for your business.  Knowing that there are over 5700 real estate agents serving your market, we need to be found before everyone else.  Having a referral of course is always going to be the best for your business, but referrals will only go so far.  We need to target homebuyers, and home sellers while they are actively seeking a real estate agent.  To do this we can leverage Google and the vast amount traffic that it receives for Raleigh Real Estate Agents, Raleigh homes for sale, and Raleigh listing agent as an example.  What impact do you think it would have on your business if your website was first under Raleigh homes for sale?  This keyword, receives an estimated 5000 searches per month.  For the most part these are active people looking for homes for sale in the Raleigh market.  If you could tap into that search volume, and even receive 1% of those people to your website, that would give you 50 potential clients per month.  Most websites at the top of the first page receive between 10 to 30% of the search volume.  As you can see, the impact for your business can be quite drastic.  Doing SEO for a real estate agent in Raleigh, is quite difficult and requires someone who truly knows what they’re doing.  Since the competition is extremely high, and there are only 10 spots on the first page Google that we care about, your SEO must be very precise.  Knowing what keywords to target, how to optimize the website to beat out the competition, and how to get the website to the search engines is extremely important in this industry.  Targeting keywords that have too much competition can kill your chances of ever achieving your first page results.  Knowing what keywords to target, how to target them, and a proper placement on the website is a game changer for real estate agents.

In this article “How an effective SEO campaign can launch your real estate business in Raleigh” we explored the many benefits of SEO for Real Estate Agents, and companies.  Not only can a proper SEO campaign improve your immediate sales, it can have a lasting effect in your referral market.  SEO is a great option for targeting customers who are unaware of your agency and who you are.  However, once they do business with you, you can have a long-lasting referral network through that client.

At 4Raleigh SEO, we been helping real estate agents achieve first page results for over 21 years. Understanding your industry, how your clients search, and what they’re looking for when they arrived to your website is a vital aspect of what we do. To learn more about for 4Raleigh SEO visit us online at or call us directly at 919 289-4790.