Does your Raleigh Restaurant Need SEO?

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Does your Raleigh Restaurant Need SEO?

Does your Raleigh restaurant need search engine optimization?  This is a simple question, but one that most restaurant owners do not have the answer for.  

Understanding the benefits of SEO for your restaurant is important in making an educated decision.  When you look at the cost of SEO, and realize that it can run over $1000 per month, you need to make sure that the impact it has on your restaurant can justify those expenses.  SEO for a restaurant needs to bring in a 5 to 1 ratio in order for it to be effective.  Meaning for every dollar that you spend on SEO you should realize five dollars in revenue.


One aspects that restaurant owners fail to look at is the impact an SEO campaign can have to the catering side of your business.  With Raleigh’s large amounts of corporations both in the medical field and others there’s enormous potential for catering business in the Raleigh market.  Having your website be one of the first options when an executive is looking for catering company can be the difference between getting the business and not getting the business.  A large catering job can be multi-thousands of dollars and can establish you as the go to option for the company.  Catering can also lead into visits to your restaurant from satisfied guest at the event.


Understanding the many benefits of SEO for your Raleigh restaurant is an important aspect for your business.  Understanding how SEO can impact the restaurant and how to do it properly is vital.  Doing SEO for a restaurant in Raleigh is unlike doing SEO for almost any other business.  Not only do you have to beat out all the other restaurants in the area,  you have to ensure your mapping is prominent, your social media is tied into your website, and that the keywords you choose are highly focused to what you do.  Showing up for restaurants as a main keyword unfortunately will not have much impact on your business.  However, if you own a Mexican restaurant, showing up for Mexican restaurant in Raleigh would have a much greater impact and lead to more customers.  Not only doing SEO correctlyyou’re your restaurant is important but ensuring that all these other pieces come together properly is really what makes the difference between success and failure.  As a restaurant owner in Raleigh you need to understand how SEO fits into your website and how to incorporate it in your business.  You also need to look at whether or not you SEO the entire site are only specific portions of the site for areas you may want to target.  This would be good if you have a catering side your business when you want to push but not push the restaurant in general.


At 4 Raleigh SEO we have been helping restaurants online for over 21 years.  We understand the many differences that restaurant brings to the table versus most other businesses.  We worked with major restaurant chains, regional restaurants, and local restaurants. We understand the industry and we know how to do an effective SEO campaign for your Raleigh restaurant. To learn more call us at 919-289-4790 or visit us online at