Durham SEO, How to Make Your Business Grow?

Durham SEO, How to Make Your Business Grow?

How does Durham SEO, make your business grow? 

Durham is one of the major cities the make up the triangle in the Raleigh, North Carolina area.  In order to effectively launch an SEO campaign in the Triangle, Durham should be one of the top on your list. Durham makes up a major hub in the Triangle and is one of the larger cities in the area.  In order for your business to compete effectively in the Raleigh area Durham should be a high priority.

Durham SEO, why do you need it?

Durham has a population of over 300,000 people and has been steadily growing year after year. Doing SEO for your business in Durham can have an immediate impact on your company’s profit margin and its growth rate.  Durham SEO has the ability to drive a new revenue stream to your business, build brand awareness, and make your business more profitable.  Durham SEO will allow you the business owner to tell Google which keywords you want to appear under and which page you want that keyword to focus on.  For instance, if you own an HVAC company in Durham you may want to drive your air conditioner customers to your air-conditioner page, and your heating customers to your heating page.  While this is common sense without doing SEO on your website you have to trust that the search engines would send the customer where you want in the business.  Durham SEO lets you control where the customer goes and what keywords the customer finds you from.  Having this control for your business is vitally important and ultimately can lead to a huge profit margin for your business.  Doing Durham Search Engine Optimization “SEO” effectively on your business is what can separate you from your competition and can have your business be the first option they find when they do a search on Google.  Using the same example as the HVAC company, how important would be it be if someone searched HVAC company in Durham and your website was the first one they found?  Let’s say that term has hundred searches per month, what would be being seen by hundred potential customers every month mean to your business in Durham?  What if 10% of those became new customers, what would that mean your company’s profit margin?  Assuming you spend $1000 per month on your SEO, and you picked up 10 new customers a month off of just one keyword what would that do for your business?  If each customer spent as little as $500 with you, you would bring in $5000 per month in revenue off of just one keyword.  Most Durham SEO campaigns target 30 keywords.  If one new keyword can deliver 10 new customers per month, what would 30 keywords do for your business?  As you can see from the simple example Durham SEO can have a major impact for your business.


This article “Durham SEO, How to Make Your Business Grow?” was written by Dan Stalfire with 4 Raleigh SEO.  Dan has been building and optimizing websites in Durham for over 21 years.  Dan specializes in lead focused SEO, profit focused search engine optimization, and delivers results that actually matter to your business.  To learn more about how we can help your business visit us online at www.4RaleighSEO.com or call us at 919-289-4790.