Search Engine Optimization for Your Raleigh Construction Company

Search Engine Optimization for Your Raleigh Construction Company

Doing a search engine optimization campaign your Raleigh area construction company is a smart move.  

With over 5,000 construction companies serving Raleigh and the surrounding cities finding a way to make yourself stand out is more important now than ever.  What makes you different than everyone else, what makes you stand out, what skills do you offer the no one else does?

While you may be the very best bathroom remodel in Raleigh, if no one knows who you are than does it really matter?  Being the best is great, but having people aware of you is even better. Of course, we all know that referrals are the very best lead a company can get.  Referrals only go so far and bring in so much business.  For your Raleigh construction company to grow and expand we need to target new customers by SEO who are not aware of your business.  We need to go after customers as they are actively shopping for your services.  There is no other form of advertisement that does this better than search engine optimization.

Search engine optimization “SEO” is the ability to change the code and content of your website so that it displays on Google properly and achieves a high ranking.  Having a site is only half the battle, having a site that shows up on the first page Google is much more important.  Doing a proper search engine optimization campaign for your Raleigh construction company can generate an extremely large amount of revenue for your business.  Let’s look at Raleigh kitchen remodeling an example.  Doing a kitchen remodeling project can be quite extensive, and can help lead into other projects for your business.  Let’s assume the average price for a kitchen remodel is $40,000.  Let’s also assume you’re on the first page on Google for kitchen remodeling in Raleigh, North Carolina.  That search term receives 250 searches per month, and being at the top of page 1 can generate 30% of that traffic into your website.  That would lead to 75 visits coming into your website looking for a kitchen remodel in Raleigh, North Carolina.  If you can close as little as one lead per month that would be $40,000 gross profit for your business per month.  In one year, your business can generate $480,000 in gross profit off of just one keyword, and that is only closing one lead per month out of 75.  As you can see, doing a proper SCO campaign for your Raleigh construction business can generate an enormous amount of revenue, and help build your customer base rather quickly.


In conclusion, doing a search engine optimization campaign your Raleigh construction company can have an enormous positive impact on your business and its future growth.  That being said, your construction company should be very careful to choose a business that truly knows what it’s doing.  With the average SCO cost running and about $1000 per month, hiring the wrong company can be quite costly for your business. On the flipside, if I told you the if you paid me $1000 per month I would give you $40,000 per month you would jump at it.  Search engine optimization for your Raleigh construction company is a vital asset to add to your business.

This article was written and prepared by Dan Stalfire with 4 Raleigh SEO. Dan has over 21 years of digital marketing experience specializing in search engine optimization, lead generation, and delivering results that make a difference. To learn, more call Dan at 919 289-4790 or visit us online at