Raleigh SEO for your New Home Construction Company

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Raleigh SEO for your New Home Construction Company

New-home builders in Raleigh often ask me why should they do SEO on their website?

They say things like why do I need search engine optimization in Raleigh when most people know who I am?  My answer to them is, if most people know who you are then you should have more customers then you can handle.  The truth of the matter is only your immediate circle truly know who you are, and there are a lot of new customers moving to Raleigh every day that do not have a clue who your businesses is.  This is the main reason that your new-home construction company need search engine optimization in Raleigh.


Doing SEO on your new home construction company has many benefits all of which can increase your profit margin, and help you build new homes.  Imagine if your business was on the first page Google when someone typed in new-home construction Raleigh, what would that do for your company?  Well the answer is quite simple, it would help grow your business beyond your wildest expectations.  As an example, I worked with a homebuilder in Raleigh who was averaging 52 new homes completed per year. Simple math meant one home was being built every week for this company.  They want to grow beyond that number and expand into new markets in the Raleigh area. They hired my company to do their search engine optimization and gave us a goal to increase them to 70 new homes per year.  We developed a strategy, implemented that strategy, and after one year of doing the SEO marketing we grew to 110 homes being built per year.   This was more than 100% increase, and well above the goal that we set.  They were spending on average $1500 per month in SEO, but those additional 58 homes they sold were worth over $18 million in gross revenue to their Raleigh business.


Looking at the numbers above, the question is why would you not want to do SEO for your Raleigh new-home construction company?   Even an increase in as little as five new homes per year would mean $1.5 million in new revenue, with only an $18,000 investment.  Understanding the many benefits of SEO is important, but more important is knowing how to do it, and how to beat out your competitors so that you get the business.  For over 21 years, this is all we’ve done.  At for 4 Raleigh SEO, we understand the needs of builders, and have worked with numerous builders all across the country.  New-home construction Raleigh is a highly competitive market, but is also highly profitable market.  Typically, the more competitors a market has means the more money that industry has to offer.  We can help you tap into this market and secure you a piece of the pie.


This article was written by Dan Stalfire, the owner of for 4 Raleigh SEO.  Dan has been marketing websites in the new-home construction business for over 21 years.  Dan has worked with national builders, regional builders, and local homebuilders of every size.  Dan specializes in lead generation, new customer retention, and profit focused SEO.  For more information on how to do SEO for your new home construction company contact us that 919-289-4790 or visit us online at www.4RaleighSEO.com.